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Individual Support

0808 808 9876

Our Support Workers can provide one to one individual support, meeting you at your home or at a community venue of of your choice. They offer help and support with any issues and concerns that you may have about your role as a Carer.

You might need help to talk to health, social care or other organisations about your needs, or those of the person you care for. We can help you write letters, make phone calls or provide other advocacy support when you need it, to ensure your voice is heard.

Individual support.

Support Workers can also introduce you to local support groups, share information about what is available for carers in the local area and help you access grants and respite.

We have volunteers too that can provide the support you may need to become more involved in social and leisure activities in your local community, or at home.

Call our free (from landlines and most mobile networks) and local Advice Line on 0808 808 9876 to talk with one of our Advisors about the Individual Support Service and how you could benefit from further support.

Norfolk Carers Individual Support.

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“We have a regular customer who’s in her 80s, who had recently had a fall and mentioned that she was finding it difficult to get to the pharmacy to pick up the medication. She was also caring for her husband, who has dementia. She was visibly relieved when we were able to offer her a phone service so she could place an order for repeat medication. and have it delivered. She was also finding it difficult to cope as a carer, so we gave her details of Norfolk Carers, the organisation that supports unpaid carers, and offered her on-going support if she needed it.”
Rachel Ray, Total Pharmacy in Watton
“Many of our colleagues are carers and Carers Week is an important event to inform our customers and colleagues about the help and support that is available in the local area.”
Jason Symonds, Store Manager, Sainsbury’s, Pound Lane Norwich

Tailored Individual Support Planning

Our Support Workers have all been trained to use the Carers Star, an assessment and support planning tool developed by the Triangle Trust and Carers Trust.

Tailored Individual Support Planning.

Completing the Carers Star gives both you and the Support Worker a better understanding of what’s important to you, what’s working well in your life and the areas where you need additional support. Together you complete a support plan with agreed actions and dates for review and/or completion. We will give you a copy of your completed star and support plan.

Outcome Areas: The Carers Star covers seven key areas:

  1. Health
  2. The caring role
  3. Managing at home
  4. Time for yourself
  5. How you feel
  6. Finances
  7. Work

Journey of Change: The Carers Star is underpinned by a model of change that has five steps:

  1. Cause for concern
  2. Getting help
  3. Making changes
  4. Finding what works
  5. As good as it can be

The Carers Star helps you to make good plans for yourself and the person you care for, today and in the future.

You can find out more information about the Carers Star at:

Types of support


We provide advocacy support covering a wide range of issues and topics. Our Support Workers will support you through a meeting, assessment and/or appeal, helping you to prepare, attending in person and providing a written submission if required.

We can speak on your behalf in a meeting or assessment or help you to advocate for yourself and the person you care for with confidence. Some examples of areas or issues where we provide advocacy support include:

  • Care Act Needs Assessment
  • Carers Assessment
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare:
  • Best Interest Meetings
  • Mental Health Review Meetings
  • Housing Support
We provide advocacy support covering a wide range of issues and topics.

Information and Coordination of Support

There may be several agencies and professionals involved in providing support to you and the person you care for; sometimes this can become confusing with care and support fragmented.

Our Support Workers can help to coordinate support, liaising with the other agencies and professionals involved, ensuring your voice is heard and that you are involved in decision making.

They can also provide you with information about services and support that can help you and the person you care for. If we don’t know the answer to a question you have or a situation where a solution is required, we will go away and try to find out.

Emotional support.

Emotional Support

You might feel you are on your own when caring; sometimes you may feel overwhelmed by your caring responsibilities.

Our Support Workers can provide ongoing emotional support over a period of several weeks and months if required.

We can help you to develop coping strategies to protect to enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing. We will give you details of peer support available such as local carers groups or online carer forums.

Service Feedback

We are working in partnership with Healthwatch Norfolk to collect and analyse feedback on our Individual Support Service.

A feedback form and self-addressed freepost envelope will be sent to every person accessing the service; you will be asked to give the service a star rating and provide comments about your experience of receiving support from us.

Norfolk Carers is committed to ensuring quality of service and continuous improvement. We really value your feedback about our services.

Download our handbook

Download our handbook.